Classes For Parents

Unlock The Truth about Infant Feeding

This class is an introductory class that helps you with the basic “keys” of breastfeeding.  Find out what is myth and what is truth.  Find out how to make it work this time around.  Figure out a strategy for going back to work.  But best of all, find out about how your baby needs you to meet his optimum potential.  This class is offered about once a calendar quarter at Honey Bump Maternity for free.  Contact me or Honey Bump for the next class.

Baby Secrets

Remember that feeling when you had to choose a childbirth class?  Remember wanting to know absolutely everything about that day so that you could be ready?  Do you feel lost now that baby is here?  This is the class for after baby comes.  It helps you know what your baby is telling you and how to know what he needs.  This tells you everything you need to care for your baby in a compassionate and competent way. You will feel more prepared and knowledgeable about your baby.  This class series is offered on Wednesdays at 1:00 at Ogden Chiropractors.  It is a free class.  Email for registration.

Basics of Breastfeeding

This is a 4 hour class which goes further in depth that the free class at Honey Bump.  This class talks about how milk is made, what things that have a potential impact on breastfeeding, how to get off to a good start and of course, what to do if things don’t go according to plan.  This class is $50.  It is one charge even if you would like to bring your support people (which is a GREAT idea!).


1 Getting Started-This class covers the most basic of breastfeeding information; Bringing baby to breast in those first hours and then continuing pain-free, normal baby behavior, sleeping, and anything else that is commonplace in the first couple of weeks (otherwise known as “Baby Boot Camp”)

Common Obstacles-This class includes some common myths, misconceptions as well as common obstacles that moms may face and how to avoid them; Is my baby getting enough?  thrush, mastitis, nursing strikes, nursing while out of your house, and others.

Going Back To Work-This class is especially helpful for mothers going back to work or school, but can be useful for any mom.  Sometimes we are separated for short periods of time and like to be prepared.  This class includes evaluating and choosing alternative feeding methods, paced bottle feeding, expressing and storing milk, reverse-cycling, strikes, and others.

4 Dads and Caregivers-This class is a special class just for caregivers.  Make sure to bring partners, grandmas, day care providers, aunties, and anyone else who will be caring for your breastfed baby.  This class will include normal breastfed baby behavior, paced bottle feeding, soothing without feeding, skin to skin care and other questions brought by participants.

These classes can be taken separately or all together in a series.  There will be a discount for attending all 4 classes.  These classes are best taken while pregnant, but can be taken after baby is already here.  They will be offered in a 4 week succession with 90 minutes per class.

Price for


$75 for series of 4 classes

Or $20/person/class

(If attending the complete series, caregivers come free for class 4)

We will also be offering Breastfeeding Enrichment Classes for birth workers.  Watch for more info coming soon.

Here is where to register

Here is where to pay:

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